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About Us

We are a mirror of our clients: business owners and executives who act with honesty and integrity, and value their family and their community. We seek long-term relationships that extend for generations, and to make long-term impacts in our clients’ lives and, through them, their communities. 

We place our clients first. As independent professionals, we are free to select the product or brand which best fits our clients’ needs. Working with a fiduciary mindset, we always seek to act in our clients’ best interest. 

We believe we are a part of something bigger. We contribute to charitable and community causes through gifts of our time, talent and treasure. 

Our clients share this passion through their businesses: doing the right thing for their customers, their employees and their communities.

Meet Our Team

Adrith Bicchieri

Appointment Coordinator


As Appointment Coordinator, Adrith Bicchieri reaches out to clients for scheduling, ensures they have all they need prior to their appointment, and manages any questions or concerns they might have. A native of New Hampshire, Adrith...

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Ann C. Alsina, CFP®, CPWA®


Ann Alsina is a graduate of The Fisher School of Accounting at The University of Florida. After a 17-year career in the automotive industry advising automobile manufacturers and dealership owners, Ann made ...

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Brandi Murray

Chief of Staff


As Operations Manager, Brandi Murray provides the day-to-day operational support for the firm, including scheduling, document preparation and processing, and any other tasks that allow the advisors to focus their time on their clients...

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Shari Tartisel

Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant, Shari Tartisel provides the day-to-day administration support for the firm, including review prep, document preparation and processing, and any other tasks that allow the advisors to focus their time on...

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Sheri Hamburger, CPA

Sheri Hamburger is a graduate of the University of Maryland – College Park and became a licensed CPA in 2011. She has experience in tax planning and projections for individuals, partnerships and corporations and small business...

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