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At CovingtonAlsina, we take confidentiality and the security of your data seriously. While we are justifiably proud of our client list, we don’t disclose client names without permission. Some of the many ways we protect your information include:

  • All employees are fingerprinted and go through a background check. 
  • Our computers are whole-disk encrypted. 
  • We do not use public wi-fi. 
  • Our private wi-fi networks are encrypted. 
  • All personal devices (phones and tablets) require a password and automatically wipe clean after 10 incorrect attempts. 
  • Where possible, we use smart passwords and do not share passwords.

In addition to this, we are working towards a paperless office. Whenever possible, we use e-signatures through DocuSign. All other paperwork is scanned and uploaded, then shredded.

Our eMoney software, which provides you with your own financial website, is protected by SunGuard, a leading provider of data security software, and uses 256-bit encryption. Unlike similar personal financial sites, we will never sell your data. You control access to your information.

As technology changes, we continue to look for ways to improve service and efficiency while safeguarding your information.