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Notes from a Social Distance

| March 28, 2020
I've attached two analysis pieces: a deeper dive into the current market and some historical perspective, and a piece about the anticipated recovery.
I know that we are living in uncertain times. As a nation, we have been through war, disease, economic collapse, and natural disasters. We are resilient and have always pulled together, and pulled through. I have no doubt this will be the same.
We are here for you, your questions, your concerns. Stay safe and well.
Looking Beyond the Fear: An Analysis of Sharp Selloffs
·   COVID-19’s spread and containment efforts have forced market prices to recalibrate sharply as expectations about different industries and the overall economy have shifted at a breakneck pace.
·   This fallout—while new and uncomfortable—represents a tiny part of the market’s forward-looking focus.
·   Sharp selloffs provide an opportunity to own investments at inexpensive levels under historical conditions that should inspire confidence. 
COVID-19 Recovery: Does the Black Swan’s Flight Path Run Through China?
·   The COVID-19 crisis has been a catastrophic “Black Swan” event that caused an exogenous shock to global markets.
·   The financial pain and human toll has been very real, but we encourage investors to remain calm and patient.
We’re starting to see improvement in China and it’s not unreasonable to believe that western countries can follow a similar virus-containment path and start to recover economically. (Statements as of March 24, 2020.)