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Monday Money Report

| August 16, 2021

Friday was yet another all-time market high and we continue to see good news with other economic indicators.  Inflation has begun ticking down, and new unemployment claims are also down for the third consecutive week.

Projections for emerging markets are a bit down, as China has a regulatory crackdown and we see enhanced geopolitical risk in the region.

You may be asking, what are emerging markets? Typically, we divide equities, or stocks, into multiple categories. Remember that a share of stock represents ownership in a company.  We divide them by size of company, or market capitalization.  That gives us large, mid, and small cap stocks.

We also divide them by the type of company – growth or value.  Growth stocks are generally companies that are either not currently profitable or are plowing profits back into the company to grow faster.  Value companies are typically paying dividends, or sharing their profits with their shareholders.

And finally, we divide them by location. Domestic equities are stocks of US-owned companies. That doesn’t mean they only have operations in the US.  For example, Ford and Toyota both sell cars around the globe. But Ford is a US stock, and Toyota is an international stock.  International stocks are generally from fully developed economies.  Think Western Europe, Australia, Japan.

This leaves emerging markets. South America, much of Asia, including China and India, are part of this classification.  Historically, Emerging Markets Equity has been one of the most volatile asset classes, but also one that can have pretty high returns.

You may ask why we would want such a volatile asset class in our portfolio.  In the long term, the returns can be strong.  And in a managed portfolio, you rebalance. Meaning that, when one asset class is outperforming, you sell some of it, and buy the asset classes that aren’t performing so well.  Rebalancing a portfolio means you are regularly selling high and buying low.

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