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90% of all women will be solely responsible
for their finances at some point in their lives*.

Financial planning can be complex – and we know you have questions! How do I invest for retirement? Am I saving enough for retirement? What kind of mortgage should I have? Then home and auto insurance, and saving for college. What about health insurance?  The financial services industry has not always been helpful, especially for women. That’s why we use our PursePower™ process, an empathetic, jargon-free approach to helping women make wiser financial decisions.

Purse<i>Power</i>&#8482; Coaching Package

PursePower™ Coaching Package

The initial plan includes a minimum of 2 meetings with a financial planner during which we will establish goals, create your personal financial site and draft an action plan aiming to help you get your money working to give you the life you want.

Our ongoing coaching service includes:

Monthly coaching call to help hold you accountable and stay on track

Personal financial website

Regular financial coaching emails

Complimentary attendance at our educational events -- including Women, Wine & Wisdom

Access to your planning team for questions

Discounted asset management fees

More about our PursePower™ program

Women, in particular, can be hard on themselves over their finances and will come to us with regret over decisions made years ago. We are here to remind you that you made the best decision you could at the time with the information you had. It is our job to give our clients the information they need now, to help make better decisions in the future. Being supportive of our clients and walking through their next steps with them is an integral part of the way we do business.      

Our PursePower package starts with a financial plan. We begin by having in-depth conversations about how our clients view their futures and what they are looking to achieve. We look at their whole financial picture, including insurance, employee benefits, and current retirement plans. From there we make sure they know the next steps to help them either stay or get on track for reaching their financial goals.

Once we have the financial plan in place, we continue our ongoing relationship with a monthly half-hour coaching call. This monthly check-in allows us to stay connected to our clients and help them stay on track with the plan we have laid out. Additionally, we provide monthly Women, Wine, & Wisdom events designed to bring our clients together for networking and education on various aspects of building their financial future.


The initial plan is $750, and our ongoing coaching is $150 per month.  We bill by ACH monthly, and the service can be cancelled at any time.

*"Women in the Labor Force: A Databook," U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012.